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Sound Start is an alliance of obstetricians, genetic counsellors and medical imaging professionals united in the provision of quality tertiary level prenatal care.

Passionate about optimising healthcare outcomes for mothers and babies, we make it easy to find the right professional support, wherever you are.

Using the state-of-the-art technology, supported by the latest advances in telemedicine, and up-to-date evidence based expert opinions, we offer all of Australia a standard of professional service usually only found in major cities.

Our areas of expertise

Women’s imaging and fetal medicine consultation

We offer the full range of women’s imaging services, including:

  • Gynecology/pelvic scans,
  • Sonohysterography
  • HyCoSy
  • IVF work-up – including follicle tracking
  • Obstetric scans across gestation
  • Dating ultrasound
  • Nuchal translucency scan
  • Fetal morphology scan
  • Growth wellbeing assessment

Designed by specialist associations and leaders in the field, our allied centres follow the same approaches as same of the world’s most respected institutions.

Genetic testing and counselling

Every baby has a unique mix of genes. Inherited from both parents, they’re the blueprint that tells the body how to work.

Unfortunately, some genes can have faults, causing potential health problems for the baby. These faults can be inherited, or simply created in the sperm or egg.

Seeing a genetic counsellor gives you the chance to discuss your medical and family history, helping identify any potential issues. You may also want to consider taking some tests to help you understand your unique risks, and take steps to mitigate them.

Sound Start offers a range of genetic testing options, both before, and during pregnancy. Supported by empathetic genetic counselling, they can help you move forward with confidence and make the decisions that are right for you.

Sound Start genetic counsellors are all members of the Australasian Society of Genetic Counsellors (ASGC) and abide by the ASGC Code of Ethics.

Learn more about prenatal testing:
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Trusted advice when needed most

When building a family, there are plenty of questions. From conception, through to gestation and delivery, the support parents receive can help make all the difference.

Offering quality obstetric and gynecological ultrasound scanning services, backed by consultancy and the highest levels of care, our qualified members help doctors and patients move forward with confidence.

Trained to exacting standards, our sonographers are some of the best in the field. They’re supported by an elite team of specialists, who can accurately report on scans, offer a professional opinion and guide your doctor in making the right clinical decisions.

Supporting doctors

We enable doctors to refer patients to our specialists who they can trust. All our members are experienced practitioners offering the highest levels of care. As a result, we can offer a holistic opinion, on patients, and scans, alongside outstanding medical imaging services.

Helping patients

Committed to women’s health, we use the latest technology and equipment to ensure a safe, comfortable and reliable experience. Honest, empathetic and calm, we treat every patient with the highest standards of care.

Meet the team

Dr Rajit Narayan


A specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine, and a Fellow of the Royal Australia-New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Rajit is a core member of the fetal intervention team at RPA. There, his chief interests include twin pregnancy and preterm labour, where he’s currently involved in some exciting research.

His expertise in tertiary scanning sees him regularly consult patients in need, where his high standards (which also translate to his expectations of scanned images), give patients confidence in his assessments.

Rajit’s passion for women’s healthcare evolved during his training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, nationally and overseas, which led him to obtain sub-specialty training in Maternal Fetal Medicine at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Dr Rajit Narayan

Ron Fleischer

BSc (Genetics); Grad Dip Genetic Counselling

A genetic counselor certified by the Human Genetic Society of Australasia, Ron helps people planning to become parents make better informed decisions about genetic testing.

With over 15 years’ clinical experience in prenatal genetic counselling, Ron has helped thousands of couples though the ups and downs of prenatal testing. He routinely counsels patients with high-risk results during pregnancy and helps guide them through their options for further testing.

Ron was one of the first genetic counsellors to introduce non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to Australia and co-authored a journal article in 2017 detailing the psychological impact of NIPT results on women.

A father of three, Ron knows the anxieties of being an expectant parent, and the value of offering compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable health care.

Ron Fleischer

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Where to find us

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Womens Health Only Ultrasound

Womens Health Only Ultrasound

Suite 201a, Medici Medical Centre
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Sound Start is an expanding network of specialists, committed to offering the highest standards of prenatal care.

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